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The Great Wall was built to protect China


We have all heard the stories, but in nearly every case in which a foreign company falls victim to a scam or other business disaster, completing proper due diligence at the right time could have prevented this.


All good companies conduct due diligence as a matter of course and Chinese companies always conduct due diligence on each other.


Why invest months of time and money constructing a deal without first conducting adequate checks.


Our fixed price affordable solutions keep your business safe in China with no hidden fees.

"Mark and his team were able to position and represent my business in China, saving months of negotiations on deals that would not in fact have been viable. With their help we were able to identify the right Chinese partner and do the deal safely."

Andrew Pearse  - Managing Partner, Farsight Private Equity
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Why Choose Us?
Experienced team with key staff in both UK and China
No hidden fees - fixed
up front pricing
Access to experienced trustworthy Chinese legal professionals
Safety of contracting with UK firm with public liability insurance allowing any dispute to be resolved in the UK whilst retaining direct access to Chinese market intelligence




All companies in China are required to register with the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC). We search the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (NECIPS) to check this registration and provide:

Company name

Registered address

Registration number

Legal representative

Registration capital

Date of registration

Type of enterprise

Business scope

Renewal status



All the checks in Basic plus a deeper dive into the company that scours thousands of datapoints and databases to provide:

Registered Trade Marks

Business structures

Shareholdings and changes in shareholdings

Websites and ICP (Internet Content Provider) licences

Number of employees and social tax payments

Media Scan

Red flag operational risks

Ongoing and historic lawsuit check – with case summary

Includes a 40 minute consultation to discuss the results

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